If you’re an author or publisher, and you’d like me to review your book, that’s great.  I’d love to hear from you!  Email me at, and include the following information:

– A synopsis of your book
– Your author name, and ideally a short bio
-A .mobi or.PDF file of your book.  (I am not currently accepting physical galleys, but stay updated.)

In return, I’ll have a look. I don’t promise to read it (if you send me romance, chick- lit, or badly- edited work of any genre, I’m probably not going to read it.) But if I do, I’ll post an honest review on at least Goodreads and Amazon, and if I like it, I’ll write a full review for BISHRALTA. For various reasons, I don’t often post negative reviews here.

And that’s it!  Remember, my reviews are free and honest. I will never write a falsely positive review in exchange for money, illicit drugs, or unicorn blood. I may not write a review at all. But if you send me awesome science fiction, speculative fiction, dystopian, YA, postapocalyptic, it some combination thereof, you’re much more likely to be read and reviewed (because I love those genres.) If you’re wondering if your novel fits my interest, look at my old reviews.

Cheers guys, and hope I see your amazing work!


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