Hey! This is a blog about books. If you were looking for something else, you probably won’t find it here.  Maybe check your local classifieds listings or something. People still use those, right? But if you want some sweet, sweet book-love, this is the place for you.


First, a bit about the blog: I first started this idea on Tumblr in 2011.  At first, my intention was just to have a little place where I could write about the classics of literature once I had read them. It quickly became apparent that there is more to life than Dostoyevsky, and so I started to review a range of writing from a range of genres.  Any book that I liked, I reviewed. Over the years, I’ve discovered that writing standard-issue “book report” style reviews is…boring. This being the internet, I have the wonderful freedom to be able to do whatever I want, and so I strive to do just that. There is occasional swearing, and frequent whiskey. I don’t often recount the plot of a book in any great detail; that’s what Amazon is for. More importantly: what emotions does this book make me feel? What  kind of effect was the author trying to achieve, and did she succeed, or did it all go down in a bag of flaming poop?

Also, I have your dad’s sense of humour. It is terrible. It is probably not funny. But I amuse myself, and I enjoy doing this, and so I continue to enlighten the Internet about my favourite books and writers because I love books. I love books more than people.  My goal with this site is to encourage people to read more and better, to appreciate literature. Not to approach books (especially intimidating classics) with trepidation or hesitation or the feeling that they should read a book just to keep up, but to approach books with joy and excitement.  Nerdy, but true.

So, y’all, read more books!

Final thing: if you’re an author or publisher interested in having me review your book, please click here for submission guidelines.

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