Ello – It’s a Place That You Can Visit

The delightfully minimalist, ultra-something, negative-space goddess that is Ello has landed upon the shores of my awareness.

The Guardian says it’s a sad attempt at yet another social media network that’ll never take root. CNET says it’s the anti-Facebook and if the two ever touch, KABOOM.

It’s invite-only and there is nothing my little hipster soul loves more than something that feels even slightly exclusive. Let’s get in on the ground floor, it whispers to me. Let’s stare at all this blank white space, this lack of advertising, this eyeless smily face. The hipster-boner is immense. It spans galaxies.

Remember Google+? my practical side shouts.  Yeah, well, same thing. The Guardian steps in with a firm nod and a sneer. It’s buggy! It shouts. It’s full of designers and artists! It’s bound to fail!

Whatever, says my hipster soul, and cags an invite and signs up and the space is overwhelming, the silence frightening, yet oddly exciting, and I immediately pick up some crayons and start to scribble on the walls…

And there are other wall-scribblers in there with me.

You could join us.

You could not.

Whatever floats your boat.

But if you are interested, I have a couple of invitations left. (Winks, nods.)

You could maybe get one.

Or get one from your part-time DJ friend.


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