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Heya pals, you may recall that a few months ago I went off traveling in SE Asia. That’s when my posts stopped – yeah, there was internet EVERYWHERE but when you could be drinking forty-cent beer and sitting on the beach, why would you sit inside and scrabble away at a computer instead? Makes no sense.












But anyways I’m back now, and that is because my tropical trip, regrettably, is at an end. In a short twelve hours-ish I fly to Germany, back to traffic rules, expensive beer, and clean sidewalks. And back, hopefully, to reviewing full time.

As this blog has grown I’ve found that I enjoy searching out new and interesting literature to read, picking up things that I normally wouldn’t. And I read more critically as well. Even if no one else in the world read this blog, I’d count it as a success purely for these reasons – it’s made me a better reader and a better writer. And it’s helped me to discover how passionate I really am about books, in all their aspects and modern iterations.


We are all so fortunate to be alive in this decade, where we not only have pretty amazing healthcare and like, electric skytrains and robots, but we have the internet and ereaders and smartphones.  I can listen to an audiobook on my smartphone while flying on an airplane, and then when I land I can go write a review for it here, where it can be read by anyone in the world with an internet connection. That’s pretty goddamn incredible, don’t you think?

Even if you’re a totally old school book purist who spits on the Kindle, just think about this: far from killing the book, technology is putting literature in the hands of even more people. Sure, those novels and biographies and sexy sex guides may not be in traditional leatherbound form, but if people are reading words, and thinking thoughts about those words, does it really matter if they’re reading on paper or on a screen? For instance, let’s talk about me. (I love talking about me.) I travel a LOT. I’m rarely in one place for more than a few months, and when your entire life is in a backpack it makes it exceedingly difficult to carry around fifteen bajillion books (approximately.) Now, instead of purchasing dozens of paperbacks that I’ll read once and then have to get rid of, I can download them into my computer, or Kindle, or smartphone. Or I can download an audiobook and listen to it on my commute. then, if I want to come back to a book and reread it, I can.

I travel to terrible locations and do super boring things. I take the hit. You don't have to thank me.

I do boring things like dance around in wetsuits. It’s difficult to not have a massive library at home, but…I take the hit.


Of course I still buy traditional books. There’s nothing I love more than poking around a dusty little used bookstore and finding some strange/interesting/bizarre book. Also, real books are great because they don’t have batteries that go dead. But they’re also big, and heavy, and think of the trees! At the moment I have Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell in my bag, and about two hundred ebooks on my assorted devices. When I finish Cloud Atlas, I’ll donate it to someone or trade it for a different used book.  In this way I always have something on paper to read, but I also have a variety of things to choose from.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I just wanted to say I’m going to continue working on this website because I like it and I’d like to make this site as awesome as possible because I love books no matter what form they come in. And technology is pretty amazing. And I want you to read. Read more. Read ebooks. Read paperbacks. Listen to audiobooks. Read the graffiti in the men’s toilets (don’t read the graffiti); read biographies and sciencey science books and trashy fiction.  Read your sister’s diary from fifth grade.

And as always, if you have any suggestions for books for me to review, or new features to add to the site, or anything, just tell me.



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