This Is Not A Book Review (Read At Your Own Risk)

My dear darling nerds, I am interrupting your regularly scheduled list of book reviews, witty book-facts, and all things book related to talk about myself. I’m pretty fantastic. Did you know I once went hitchhiking across Eastern Europe and adventures ensued?

Wait, that’s irrelevant. Also that has nothing to do with books. But it does bring up what I’m here to talk about today: traveling. That’s right, your favorite delectably incompetent blog-writer is going traveling again. I’m off to Southeast Asia today to spend the next couple of months hanging out in jungles and on beaches, eating delicious food and hopefully having time to read a multitude of books.

However, with all my moving around and kidnapping monkeys and whatnot (who wouldn’t kidnap a monkey given the opportunity?) I miiight not have time to post on here as regularly as I have been. I will still attempt to keep posting at least once a week, and if you’re interested in hearing about my trip, you’re always welcome to ask!

I leave you now with a quote by Alfred Russell Wallace, a Welsh naturalist, about my first destination.

I was both astonished and delighted; for as my visit to Java was some years later, I had never beheld so beautiful and well-cultivated a district out of Europe. A slightly undulating plain extends from the seacoast about ten or twelve miles inland, where it is bounded by a fine range of wooded and cultivated hills. Houses and villages, marked out by dense clumps of coconut palms, tamarind and other fruit trees, are dotted about in every direction; while between them extend luxurious rice-grounds, watered by an elaborate system of irrigation that would be the pride of the best cultivated parts of Europe. ~Alfred Russell Wallace

Can you guess where he is talking about?

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